Workshop on golf-specific fitness at The Dunes Club, SC – Kinexit

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Kinexit and The Carolinas PGA Section hosted a workshop about ‘How fitness impacts the golf swing – helping golfers to train better to play more’ at The Dunes Club, Myrtle Beach, SC. Chris Mansson, Kinexit CEO, said this about the workshop and the venue:” What an impressive setup at The Dunes Club have. The scenery and views are stunning, and the golf facility is equally impressive. I’m grateful for the fantastic service we received during our visit and for hosting our workshop. It was great meeting PGA Professionals and talk about fitness and how we can successfully integrate it into the golf lesson.
We’re looking forward to our next workshop at Hilton Head later in the week.”
The feedback we received from PGA Professionals was great – “Kinexit has done all the work for us, this is awesome!”

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