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William Monier to focus on golf-specific fitness with Kinexit

Friday, April 26, 2019

At Kinexit, we’re excited that William Monier, Head PGA Professional at Bråvikens Golfklubb, has decided to use Kinexit as a tool to help grow his members’ golf game.

William said this about using Kinexit:” My focus with my golf students is always to have them hit the ball solidly. To be able to do this, the basic swing mechanics need to be in place. The student needs to be able to swing the golf club without movement restrictions or pain in a natural way. Kinexit is an easy way of setting up a golf-specific, and most importantly, a personalized, fitness program for my students. Players will feel healthier and stronger – and play more and better golf. With our Foresight Launch Monitor, we’ll be able to track the improvement relating to swing speed, distance and attack angles”.

Chris Mansson, Kinexit CEO, chimed in:” It’s exciting to work with PGA Professionals like William. He understands the connection between the individual’s physical capabilities in relation to their golf swing and embraces the impact technology has on developing golfers’ swing. My team is looking forward to working with William and the rest of the team at Bråviken.”

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