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Why winter is a great time to get ahead with your golf game

Monday, August 3, 2020

Work on your fitness and swing technique

Fall and Winter is coming. You will be wearing several layers of clothes to keep warm – golf is not going to as much fun as it was during the summer. Take the opportunity and seize the moment and make this winter work for your golf game.

The off-season is the time to work on the things which prevented you from shooting the scores you wanted to this season. Now is the time to work on your fitness to enable your body to hit those all-important positions in the swing. Winter is a perfect opportunity for you to improve your game.

In life, change can be difficult and even so in golf. Changing the golf swing and playing rounds during the same time is very difficult as most of us want to have a good score each time we play. During the winter you can work on the changes and get fit for next season without the pressure of wanting to shoot good scores each week.

Winter offers us an opportunity to break free (mentally) from the result of the shot, perhaps by hitting shots into a net, or hitting whiffle balls. This allows us to put more focus on the movement itself, or the skills needed to develop as a player.

Focus on becoming golf fit

Winter is a great time to start up a new fitness routine, allowing you to enter next season stronger and more flexible than before. One of the simplest, but most effective ways to improve your body for golf-specific fitness, is using the golf fitness programs by Kinexit.

Our golf specific training program has proven to effectively increase swing speed – on of the biggest correlators to gaining distance. When you combine a fitness program with a well thought-out nutrition plan you have a recipe for serious improvement.


Overall, winter is a great time to start making positive changes in your game and putting some serious work into beneficial movement improvements.

Don’t rest during the winter and start next season like you have never picked up a club. Keep your game on track, and you will be ahead of the game when the new season starts.

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