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Why networking and industry events are so important

Monday, October 28, 2019

Meeting other golf industry professionals

Networking and socializing with peers and colleagues is a great way of driving success in business. This is why the new tradeshow in the golf industry in the Nordics, ‘Golfens Nordiska Mötesplats’ hosted by Golf and Companies is an important event to attend, especially for us at Kinexit. You could call this the most important gathering of Golf Coaches, Teachers, and Industry Professionals in the Nordics. 

Why is such an event important?

For us, there is no other way to meet 20+ clients and prospects per day. Our stand was busy with curios and interested PGA Professionals. They wanted to understand how working with Kinexit can help them help their golfers improve their game quicker in an effortless way. After taking visitors through our proprietary 15-minute mobility screening, we they understood our concept and started asking how other clients have implemented our service.

Top 3 things we learned

PGA Coaches and Teachers are busy people, which is why so many love how Kinexit creates personalized and golf-specific workouts for each of their students. The feedback we got from existing clients was that they wanted more automated emails and messages to go out to their students and users to take that off their plate. We started working on that this morning.

PGA Professionals love technology
Almost everyone uses a launch monitor like Trackman, Foresight, or FlightScope. A high percentage also use tools, such as Swing Catalyst, to analyze the golf swing. 

High level of awareness of the importance of fitness in golf
Chris Månsson, CEO at Kinexit, was asked to be a keynote speaker. He presented about the connection between players’ physical state and how well they perform the golf swing. The session was very well attended, and the feedback was excellent. It’s great to know the work we are doing is recognized in the industry, which serves as inspiration driving us forward

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