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When is the best time to work on a students movement?

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

What do you do when their body gets in the way of you making a technical change?  This happens all the time and we can either ignore this or do something about it.

A student’s fitness is often the real door opener for technical development. For that reason, golf fitness is expected today to be easily accessible and simple. It makes a strong contribution to an attractive and profitable offer to students and customers for Teaching & Coaching Professionals who want to be at the forefront.

Kinexit offers a flexible platform for golf professionals to measure, analyze and share personalized training and mobility exercises. An area in golf training that we today call Golf Fitness.

Just as a launch monitor quickly and easily measures the club head’s speed and position at impact, Kinexit provides direct feedback on the student’s fitness relative to the swing and automatically creates an action plan.

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