Visby GK to use Kinexit for personalized and golf-specific fitness – Kinexit

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In late October this year, the Kinexit team attended the Nordic Golf Show in Malmö. We were fortunate enough to spend extended time with several members of the teaching team at Visby GK, discussing golf, swing technique, equipment, and fitness. We’re proud to announce the team are now Certified Kinexit coaches and will start offering our service to their members.

Martin Bendelin Munkhammar, PGA, said this after the Certification Workshop:” We’ve known about Kinexit for some time, so it was great for us to get more insight into the thinking behind the program, the testing, and the personalized work-outs during the golf show. We know healthy and fit golfers play more and better golf. I look forward to rolling this out to our members during the winter.”

Chris Mansson, CEO at Kinexit, added:” The Nordic Golf Show is an excellent platform for us to meet new and existing clients. Sweden is a vast country, so having so many teaching and coaching professionals at the same venue for an extended number of days is terrific. Personally, I’m thrilled to have the team at Visby GK onboard and look forward to coming back here to work with their members.”

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