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Viksjö Golfklubb to use Kinexit for golf-specific fitness

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Kinexit is delighted Per Johansson at Viksjö Golfklubb has decided to work with Kinexit to offer personalized and golf-specific fitness programs to their members.

Per said this about the prospect of using Kinexit:” As a team, we’ve been using more and more technology tools to help improve our members swing and grow the game. Our studio is fully equipped with Swing Catalyst, Flightscope, BodiTrak, and our SAMs Puttlab. These tools have helped us as PGA Professionals as well as our members to develop and focus on areas for improvement. With Kinexit, we’re now adding a new dimension where we can enable our members to be in better shape to perform the golf swing. We often come across players who have movement restrictions or pain preventing them from swinging the club like they want to. Now we can offer players an easy to perform mobility test which will give them personalized fitness programs focusing on areas of the body important for the golf swing.”

Chris Mansson, CEO at Kinexit, added:” We’re always looking to work with PGA Professionals who embrace the impact technology can have on the way golf lessons are delivered. Per and his team at Viksjö Golfklubb are at the forefront when it comes to using technology, and I’m very excited to be working with them.”

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