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Kinexit enters Sweden’s first sportstech accelerator

Friday, April 12, 2019

Kinexit recently participated in a sports-tech start-up boot camp. Below is an article from KTH Innovation. Original piece can be found here

Ten startups who all support and empower the athlete, enter SPIN Accelerator Sweden, Sweden’s first sportstech accelerator program.

The Swedish horsetech startup RideQ was one of the fifteen companies selected to join the run for a place in SPIN Accelerator Sweden, a twelve-week accelerator program focusing on the athlete. Out of almost fifty applicants, fifteen startups were selected for the final round, and after two intense days at KTH we can now announce which ten startups enter the program.

Three out of ten startups in the program focus on horsetech

Imagine sitting on a speeding motorbike that suddenly loses all control of steering and breaking. Your only chance to avoid crashing is controlling your balance until you slow down enough to stop. Now, imagine that the motorbike has its own will and the capacity of suddenly changing direction, and it might be easier to imagine the challenges associated with horseback riding.

StepUpAir have developed a fitness tracker with real-time breathing pattern and heart rate measurements.

Three out of the ten startups accepted to the program develop horsetech solutions. RideQ’s first product is a sensor that riders put underneath their chin. When the user looks down, they get a signal in the form of a vibration, as a reminder to lift their gaze. For a rider, posture and position is extremely important, and the founders of RideQ discovered that the position of your head has massive impact on the rest of your body.

We look forward to accelerating our startup with support from people with expertise both in business development and sportstech“, says Annika Ridington, Founder of RideQ.

Exposed to the Nordic ecosystem

SPIN Accelerator Sweden is run by the Swedish Olympic Academy in partnership with the global initiative HYPE Sports Innovation. The program is powered by KTH Innovation and the Center for Sports and Business at the Stockholm School of Economics.

It was very interesting to be exposed to the Nordic startup ecosystem”, said Tomer Sagi from HYPE Sports Innovation.

Ayelet Hashachar, also from HYPE Sports Innovation, added:

“The startups were all very high level, and it was interesting to find out more about sports that I hadn’t had much contact with before, like horseriding.”

On the margins

Looking down as a rider, or being restricted in your movement as a golfer can be the difference between winning a medal or missing out. For elite athletes, the difference is measured in millimeters or the fraction of a second. For the average gym-goer, the possibility of measuring your development or preventing injury can be what gets you out of the couch.

Improving performance, health and motivation

No matter which level you’re on, or what sport you’re in, technology provides enormous opportunities to improve your performance, health, or motivation.

Since this is the first time we have joined forces to focus on sports, innovation and technology in this format, starting the program has been really exciting, says Gustav Notander from KTH Innovation. We got very positive feedback from the participants, and we look forward to working with them during the spring.

During twelve weeks, these ten companies will develop together, before the program finishes with a big Demo Day in June. The program is funded by Vinnova.

These are the ten sportstech startups accepted to SPIN Accelerator Sweden

AI Spotter

AISpotter has developed a time-saving, fast service for coaches all around the world. Their goal is to combine high-end technology and sports of any kind. With real-time analysis, coaches and teams are given the power to be one step ahead in team development.


Real football, virtual career. JustFootball is a mobile game inspiring more people to play football in real life.


RideQ is a horsetech startup that helps riders inprove their position using a new digital tool used while riding, with or without a coach.


Kinexit provides personalized workouts customized to your sport, limitations and needs. Their comprehensive system provides individualized and sport specific programs directly to your mobile phone. Developed by trusted movement professionals, Kinexit is sure to increase your mobility, strength and balance.


Straffr is a resistance band reinvented. A portable gym in your sports bag and a personal trainer in your pocket.


StepUpAir develops the new generation of fitness trackers with real-time breathing pattern and heart rate measurements and telling how your body really feels.


The Hooves app helps you plan and log all activities around your horse, and keeps your entire team up to date at all times. Get organized with Hooves, so you can focus on what’s important. wants to make Sweden and the world more healty. Their digital service makes it easy to find your next race, register, find friends, and much more.


BodyBarista is an app for finding out your body measurements as well as monitoring your changes when following a fitness plan. It returns the exact value of your muscle groups in inches or cm more accurately than the bathroom scale based on pictures you take with your iPhone. It also measures your Body Fat Percentage based on the same pictures, which you can use to compare your Before & After figure.


The equestrian app which is used by more than 100 000 riders. Equilab automatically tracks your training and makes it possible to capture every movement. Deepen your insights and understand your progress.

SPIN Accelerator Sweden

The Swedish Olympic Academy has partnered up with the global initiative HYPE Sports Innovation, to start the accelerator program Spin Accelerator Sweden. The program is powered by KTH Innovation and the Center for Sports and Business at the Stockholm School of Economics. The program is supported by Vinnova.


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