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Saratoga National Golf Club to use Kinexit

Thursday, April 11, 2019

We’re excited to announce Saratoga National Golf Club has decided to use Kinexit. The teaching team will start offering personalized and golf-specific exercise programs to their members in the next few weeks. This initiative will improve members’ mobility, strength, and stability which in turn will have a positive impact on their golf game

Steve Plata, PGA and Head Golf Professional at Saratoga National Golf Club said this about Kinexit:” We’re continuously looking at ways to enhance the lesson experience for our members as well as helping them unlocking their full potential. We know a player’s fitness level and range of motion affects their ability to swing the golf club correctly. With Kinexit, we’re able to easily address restrictions and pain and create a personalized fitness program for our members.”

Chris Mansson, Kinexit CEO, added:” I’ve been talking to Steve and his team since the PGA Show in Orlando in January and am really excited a respected club like Saratoga National Golf Club will be using Kinexit. As a company, Kinexit is committed to grow the game by getting players to train better to play more. The approach and philosophy of the teaching team is one we identify with and we’re looking forward to meet the team and the members in Saratoga.”

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