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Rick Murphy, PGA, joins Kinexit

Friday, April 12, 2019

We’re delighted to announce Rick Murphy, PGA has joined Kinexit to support our business development efforts in the US.  Based out of Greensboro, NC, Rick will bring his vast experience and knowledge as a PGA Professional and as a nationally recognized and trusted Teacher and Coach to Kinexit which will complement our incredible team.  Rick will also bring his passion for developing meaningful educational opportunities for his peers.

Rick said this of his decision to join Kinexit:” There is no doubt in my mind, that a golfer’s body is the key to unlocking their true potential. That’s why I’ve always made this an important ingredient in my lesson packages as well as continuously educating myself in this specific area”. Having been a Kinexit client for six months, I felt it was a natural progression for me to get more involved as Chris and his team are working hard to establish themselves in the US. I’m excited to be part of this innovative and creative company and look forward to meeting with prospects and clients alike.”

Chris Mansson, Kinexit CEO, added:” We’ve known Rick for 4-5 years and before we launched our B2B online solution he was referring his clients to our in-house golf fitness expert, Lori Gordon, in the Greensboro area. We’re looking for people who not only understand the importance of the connection between the shape of a golfer’s body and what they are capable of in terms of swinging the golf club. We’re also looking for someone who understands how to add value to the lesson experience as well as improving the profitability of PGA Members, Teachers and Coaches, Golf Facilities and Academies.

I’m looking forward to working with Rick to grow our presence in the US as well as leaning on his experience in the industry.

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