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Rick Murphy Golf Academy to use Kinexit to help grow their golfers’ game

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Kinexit is excited PGA Professional Rick Murphy and his staff at Rick Murphy Golf Academy will introduce Kinexit as part of their teaching and coaching game improvement packages.

Rick said this about Kinexit: “I see three very important points with using a service like Kinexit.

  1. Golfers will improve their fitness, enjoy their golf more and can play more rounds
  2. I have an easy to use tool for me to show how all areas of the body impact the golf swing for my clients
  3. At the end of a coaching session, we can hand over to our clients a tool that is specific to their personal fitness and game improvement.

Golf has become a more and more data-driven game and golfers want measurable results. With Kinexit we can now measure a person’s ability to move in all planes of motion and continually assess and evaluate progress. Kinexit is a great added value for our clients.  We plan to introduce Kinexit 3, 6 and 12-month training programs.”

Chris Mansson, CEO at Kinexit, replied: ”We are honored to have Rick Murphy, PGA onboard as a client at Kinexit and are looking forward to not only working with him but also his highly skilled and experienced staff. We’re looking to work with academies like Rick’s where improving and going above and beyond what’s expected to achieve their clients’ goals is part of the DNA. Rick is a award winning PGA Professional, teacher and coach with a highly respected and well-established academy. We’re excited to follow the development of their players in 2019 and beyond.”

 About Rick Murphy Golf Academy

Rick Murphy Golf Academy (RMGA) has been helping improve the games of thousands of golfers at any skill level for over 18 years.  The academy is recognized as the place to go for people wanting to learn to play golf or those that want to continue to improve.  The academy works with golfers from the beginning golfer, youth, women, men, senior players, and even tour players.  We help people play better, enjoy the game and have more fun with friends.

RMGA has two locations.  One in Greensboro, NC at the Rick Murphy Practice & Learning Center at 1317 Pleasant Ridge Road near the Piedmont Triad International Airport and a second location at Greensboro National Golf Club – 330 Niblick Drive, Summerfield, NC, which is 15 minutes north of Greensboro.  Rick Murphy Golf Academy strives to provide a learning experience that is productive for our students.  Our team of PGA Professionals have the experience and expertise to deliver a strategy and solid plan for improvement for each student.  They are passionate!

The PGA Professional staff takes a holistic approach to learning.  This is accomplished by first listening to you, learning more about you, your golf experience and personal goals.  Then we will assess your current skill level, your physical fitness condition and your current approach and style of learning.  We will also evaluate your equipment to determine if you are playing with equipment that is fit to you.  With this approach, we can help you walk through a process of learning and self-discovery that leads to major improvement of your skill level and ultimately an improved level of play and enjoyment.

Our team is headed up by nationally recognized teacher PGA Professional Rick Murphy.  Rick has been a PGA Member for over 36 years.  He has been recognized with the Carolinas PGA Teacher of the Year Award in 2001 and 2009.  He is also on the current 2016-2018 Golf Digest Best Teachers in State. He is the 2017 PGA Horton Smith Award winner in the Carolinas PGA Section. He was recognized for his work with youth on a national level with the PGA National Junior Golf Leader Award in 1988.

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