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Physical training is about consistency and challenging yourself

Friday, September 14, 2018

In a recent article on, Nick Randall describes how PGA Tour player Cameron Smith improved his game by having a routine and systematic approach to fitness to improve his overall golf game.

The common theme for consistent top performers across all sports is they plan their training carefully, with the right mix of swing training, adjusting equipment and fitness workouts, to ensure they perform at their best when they want to. For golf, the top players design their training schedule to peak in majors and World Golf Championships.

Golfers at all levels have their own majors. Some players may want to peak at the local Club Championship, a National Championship, the monthly medal or a yearly tournament with friends. To give yourself the best opportunity to peak in your own majors ensure you plan your training schedule well in advance.

Kinexit is a tool which helps you get fit for golf – we call it train better, play more. Designed by movement experts, Kinexit exercises ensure your body can get in the right positions to optimize flexibility and power translating into longer drives, better scores during your own majors.

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