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PGA of Finland enters a Partnership with Kinexit

Thursday, April 27, 2023

As a PGA Teaching & Coaching Professional, developing a student’s ability to hit better and more consistent golf shots is based on an overall understanding of the student’s technique, physical ability, and the equipment in the bag. Each is essential when creating the best solution for each of our golfers.

While golf is a low-impact sport, it’s also physically demanding. The repetitive movements in swinging a club can take a toll on a golfer’s body. Adding Golf Fitness to Professionals’ offerings can provide a unique offering to the market.

With this background, the PGA of Holland enters a Partnership with Kinexit and the brand’s various solutions in the area of ​​Golf Fitness.
Kinexit is a Swedish-American company that saw the need to build a functional and flexible link between coaches and students regarding physical training in the golf market. The company is today represented in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

– “Thanks to our partnership with the PGA of Denmark, we got invited to talk at the CPG annual summit in Greece, which sparked much interest with many PGA Countries, including Finland.

Mobility and balance are fundamental factors in a functional golf swing, but results can stagnate when students suffer from stiffness or pain. With Kinexit, Professionals can discover limitations, and based on the student’s results, Kinexits advanced algorithms assemble personalized and practical exercises to improve. We are incredibly excited to be working with the PGA of Finland, says Chris Månsson – CEO of Kinexit.”

“As PGA Finland we embrace the system because it supports the PGA Holland professional in his work in a modern way. The system is simple with the result that the student will use it so that he or she will play golf longer and better,  says Teemu Laakso, Manager at PGA of Finland.

For more information about Kinexit, please contact:

Chris Månsson, CEO
Phone: +46 (0) 709 901 699

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