Mobility, Power, Speed and Endurance Testing with Viksjö Golf Academy – Kinexit

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This week we spent an Afternoon at Viksjö Golfklubb. We helped the coaching team, Per Johansson and Therese Larsson, take 10 of their talented junior golfers from their Golf Academy through all of Kinexit’s fitness test.

Per said this of the experience:” When I see how each player performs the tests, I can immediately see how their movements impact their golf swing. Players who are stiff and have restrictions also have a less natural golf swing. Now they all have personalized fitness programs, and everyone has committed to workout 60 minutes per week. I think the players will be pleasantly surprised by how they will develop now.”

Chris Mansson, who led the performance tests, commented:” Fitness is essential in all sports and even more so in golf as most of the body is in use. My recommendation to all players is that for every 4 hours the practice golf they should workout 1 hour. I’m convinced the body is key to unlocking most golfers potential.”

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