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Lidingö Golf Academy to use Kinexit

Monday, April 29, 2019

We’re thrilled the coaching team at Lidingö Golf Academy has decided to use Kinexit to give their golfers personalized and golf-specific fitness exercises to grow their game.

We recently spent an Evening with Magnus Ekman and two groups of their elite players to introduce them to Kinexit as well as take them through the mobility and power screenings. Afterward, Magnus said this about golf-specific fitness and Kinexit:” Fitness, and golf-specific fitness, in particular, is an essential ingredient when developing golfers of all ages. We know players develop faster and play more when they focus on flexibility and stability exercises as this enables them to rotate better and generate more speed and power in the golf swing. I’m excited to see the impact this will create for our players.

Kinexit CEO Chris Mansson added:” As a health and fitness professional, I’m delighted to see a growing understanding, and awareness, of the impact golf-specific fitness exercises, have on how players develop. We want to continue to support growing the game by getting players moving better and leading a healthier life.”

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