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Kinexit Ambassador Coach Highlight – PGA Qualified Trainee Ebba Björnberg

Thursday, September 1, 2022

We have the privilege of working with many of Sweden’s most prominent PGA coaches. In this Kinexit Ambassador Coach Highlight, we present Ebba Björnberg, PGA Qualified Trainee at Ljunghusens Golf Club.

Quick Facts:

  • Name: Ebba Björnberg
  • Age: 25
  • Nationality: Swedish
  • PGA Qualified Trainee at: Ljunghusens Golf Club
  • Worked with Kinexit since: 2021
  • What’s in your bag?o Ball: Trial 1
    o Driver: Taylormade Sim2 Max
    o Fairway metal: Taylormade Sim2 5 wood and Hybrid
    o Iron: Taylormade P790
    o Wedges: Taylormade MG 3 52, 54, 58
    o Putter: Taylormade Spider FCG

We asked Ebba a few questions about Golf Fitness, what her goals are with her own training and what results she has had since she started working with Kinexit.

How important is the physical aspect of golf for you?

“Extremely important. Knowing your physical condition is the key to being able to create long-term development in the game of golf. The body needs to feel good and have energy in order to use its full potential.”

 What are your training goals for this year?

“My goal this year is to feel strong and flexible. To find a routine that I can maintain all year regardless of season and schedules. I have always been hypermobile, so my goal is to be able to use that mobility to the max. With the help of strength and control I want to become more powerful and keep myself injury free. It would also be extremely fun to get my swing speed up and hit a little longer.”

What results have you seen since you started working with Kinexit?

“Kinexit is a fantastic addition to lesson packages. It is an easy way for both me as a coach and my students to understand their physical conditions and also improve them. It makes it much easier to follow the student’s development over a longer period of time.”

What is your favorite Kinexit feature and why?

“My favorite Kinexit feature is the flexibility of the workouts. No matter what level you are at or how much time you have, you can adapt the workout to your wants. There are no excuses! I also love the clarity of the screening process. It’s motivating when you get to see the improvements you make. It creates motivation to continue working even harder.”

Where can golfers contact you?

  • Website: Ljunghusens GK
  • Mail:
  • Instagram: Ljunghusengolfacademy_est2021


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