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2019 Golf Digest #1 Teacher in Indiana to use Kinexit

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Making golf fitness a natural part of the lesson

We are proudly welcoming Jeff Smith to the Kinexit family. In November 2019, Jeff was ranked #1 Teacher in Indiana by Golf Digest – it’s a huge honor to have him on board with us. We have known Jeff for a while and know how he approaches teaching and coaching his students. Just last month, Jeff was awarded Teacher of the year of the Indiana PGA Section. It’s testament to Jeff’s continuous drive for improving himself – and his students.

A report card for your player’s fitness

Jeff said this about working with Kinexit:” My vision for golfers in my Plane and Simple Golf School is to make everything around the golf swing easy and simple to execute. I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to support my students’ development. We’re using ForeSight Sports GC Quad Launch Monitor to measure swing speed, distance, and ball control. I usually say the data from Foresight is a report card on how well you’re executing the golf swing. With Kinexit, we have a report card for how well a player is prepared to perform the golf swing; we identify movement restrictions and limitations. It’s great for me to have in-depth knowledge about biomechanics and how the body works – but I need to be able to hand it over in an easy to consume way to my students. Kinexit gives me just that. I will spend 15 minutes with a golfer to go through the Kinexit mobility screening and can then handover a personalized and golf-specific exercise program. Now that’s what I call simple.”

Chris Mansson, CEO at Kinexit, had this to say:” I’m delighted Jeff will be using Kinexit to help his golfers improve their fitness and grow their game. The body is the key to unlocking many golfers’ true potential. I’m sure Jeff will see a significant improvement with his students, both in the short and long term.

About Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is a highly sought-after instructor in central and southern Indiana. Jeff was ranked as Golf Digest #1 Teacher in Indiana in 2019 – 2020. Jeff is the Indiana PGA Teacher of the Year in 2020 and won the Indiana Player Development award in 2018. He is the Director of Instruction for The Sagamore Club in Noblesville, Indiana and for Timbergate Golf Course in Edinburgh, Indiana.

Jeff has taught over 25,000 lesson hours since 1994 and was the lead instructor for the PGA’s Growth of the Game Jr. Golf Clinic at the 2010 PGA Professional National Championship in French Lick, Indiana, and was the Jr. Clinic Chairman at the 2014 PGA Championship Junior & Veteran Golf Clinic in Louisville, KY, and was an instructor at the Jr. Golf Clinic at the 2015 Sr. PGA Championship in French Lick, Indiana. Jeff has spoken at education conferences for teachers for years and has served on the PGA of America’s Adjunct Faculty for Instruction since 2018.

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