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Integrating fitness into the golf lesson

Friday, November 9, 2018

For many teaching professionals, the traditional golf lesson looks something like this. We start by asking the golfer to hit a few shots to evaluate stance, posture, grip, and swing. We know the golf swing consists of many components and to help the golfer improve we need to see the full picture.

Technology and the golf swing
Many teaching professionals use great tools like Trackman or Flightscope to get real data which the naked eye can’t capture. The data is used to get a current state view of the golfer and to identify what areas need improvement to take the golfer’s game to the next level.

In the last decade, golf fitness has become another component of the golf lesson and more and more teaching professionals are integrating this into their work. Evaluating movement is hard but very important. A glitch here or deficiency there degrades skill execution and play performance.  Subtle linkage faults in movements limit performance, erode power and diminish control. The result cause is ineffective practice resulting in inconsistent play and potential injury. A player’s fitness is important as the body is the tool which generates speed for the golf club.

A digital personalized training program for your golfers
Kinexit has developed a digital tool which helps the golf coach assess a player’s mobility and overall movement abilities. With Kinexit you can evaluate the golfer’s movement efficiency in three planes of motion – the frontal plane (side to side), the sagittal plane (flexion & extension front to back), and the transverse plane (rotation) just like the golf swing. The mobility screening is guided through online animation and only takes 10-minutes to do.

Once you’ve completed the mobility screening with your golfer an instant evaluation will put everything together for you. Understanding the connection between body, technique, and equipment is not new to us, but how do we interpret what we can see? We trust you, as teaching professionals, have the technique and equipment parts covered. Kinexit is here to help you make the connection between restrictions in golfers’ bodies and their golf swing. Once the screening is complete, Kinexit will show areas of strengths and areas where improvement is needed. This way, you’ll be able to show your golfer what they need to focus on. But that’s not the best part. Most of the time golfers need more than just a report – they need actionable tools to improve.

The personal customization of Kinexit is based on the screening. Once the screening is done, animated training programs are automatically delivered to the golfer’s smartphone or tablet. You don’t need to do anything.

There’s even more. What do you do when the lesson is over? Hope the golfer remembers everything you said and do the exercises? Research shows that engagement and the feeling of “my coach is watching me” improves results. As a coach, you have access to a dashboard giving you a view of all your golfers and what they’ve been up to. You can easily send them a message with a short video of the swing changes you’re working on or simply just send them a message reminding them of the steps they need to take before the next lesson. Everything is managed from your coach dashboard with Kinexit.

Expand the possibilities as a coach, ensure that you are optimizing all aspects of training for your golfers. If you’re looking for a simple and effective screening tool that also delivers world-class golf specific movement training visit our website by clicking here.

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