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How do I add golf fitness to my lesson packages?

Tuesday, May 4, 2021
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Every successful business serves its clients with items, services, or products they either need or want. Golf clubs and academies offer various services and products to their members and clients, including equipment, clothing, lessons, and advice. But many teaching and coaching professionals are asking themselves: How do I add golf fitness to my lesson packages?

It’s a good and relevant question. Because if you’re not adding golf fitness to your lessons, your missing out – and more importantly, your students are missing out.

Be your customers’ preferred supplier

The key to growth for businesses and organizations is to treat their current clients like the VIPs they are. If you retain your clients year-over-year, you have a solid foundation for growth. Are you your customers’ preferred supplier for all things related to golf? Even golf fitness? If your answer to the last question is no, you’re not alone. We speak to teaching and coaching professionals every day. The top reasons many of them don’t add golf fitness are:

  • They don’t feel confident
  • Unsure how to package golf fitness
  • It’s too complicated
  • Doesn’t have the time

These points are all valid and natural. After all, most golf instructors didn’t train to become personal trainers or physical experts. But a golfer’s body is the most crucial piece of equipment for them. It’s the key to unlocking their full potential. They can buy as many new drivers as they want – but if they don’t do something about their fitness, the results won’t improve. Check our recent post What is golf fitness to learn more about the topic.

How do I add golf fitness to my lessons?

Technology is not the answer or solution to every problem or challenge we have. But it can certainly be helpful in many situations. Instructors are using tablets and smartphones to capture their student’s swings and give feedback. They often use a launch monitor as well, which provides a ton of valuable data. Historically, adding golf fitness to lessons has been time-consuming, complicated, and has required a good deal of background knowledge. Kinexit’s Golf Fitness Platform for Coaches is the technology tool teachers, and coaches need to add golf fitness to their lessons – with ease.


We have created a mobility screening including seven different movements, identifying the most critical areas for a golfer to work on. You will quickly see where your players have restrictions and limitations. And the really great thing is, you don’t have to do anything else but take them through the screening, which takes up to 15 minutes. The platform will generate four personalized and golf-specific exercise programs for each player, based on their results during the screening. We have more than 800 exercises to chose from. Easy, right?

 What’s in it for me as a teaching professional

We believe golf instructors are the key to player development. Players will develop faster when working with the same instructor over a period of time. That’s why we’re working with PGA Professionals rather than selling directly to the consumer. Our long-term goal is to become the preferred supplier for teaching and coaching professionals when it comes to golf fitness. And we’re proud to be working with some of the best teachers locally and globally.

The benefits of strength training

A reliable and repeatable golf swing requires balance, stability, power, and flexibility. Strength training programs for golfers help them build a solid foundation in the right areas. If you want to help your players gain distance, increase clubhead speed and play better, strength training must be an essential component of your lesson package.

Focus on flexibility

Strength training alone is useless. Flexibility is the key that unlocks your body to benefit from your strength training and will allow you to get into all the correct positions in your golf swing. Players with limitations and restrictions will have a limited range of motion resulting in loss of distance and control of where the ball ends up. Exercises that address the major muscle groups (back, chest, neck, shoulders, hip extensors, hip flexors, and calves) should be part of every good lesson package.

Don’t forget endurance training

Cardio is often an overlooked part of golf fitness. You don’t have to run 5 miles every day to get your cardio in. Kinexit’s cardio program helps players increase stamina through exercises that are getting their heart beat faster in a shorter period of time.

Such workouts are more beneficial than running for more extended periods. Why? Because you’re not putting a strain on your body and you build strength, increase stamina, and build a foundation for a faster swing.

Time is the one thing we all don’t have enough of. This is why these shorter workouts are easier to get done, as you don’t require too much time to do them, yet you still see real benefits in your health and your golf game.

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