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Having routines in golf is critical

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Having routines when you practice golf is critical. Do the right things, and the results will follow. If a golfer has no routines or even bad habits in their training, it’s time for a change.

Warming up before practice and play is an opportunity that is often overlooked. When you hit your first tee-shot, the body’s engine must be ready to perform. As a golfer, you must allow yourself to create good habits and spend a few qualitative minutes to complete them.

With Kinexit’s quick in-lesson-screening and individualized mobility programs, we can, together with our students, quickly and easily create a personal warm-up routine.

Did you know that Kinexit provides warm-up signs to Certified Professionals?

Provide golf-specific warm-up exercises to players. The QR code is connected to your Coach Dashboard and all players who scan the QR code will have access to a Kinexit membership that only gives them the ability to perform the warm-up in Kinexit.

Player’s will be recommended to contact their Local Pro to personalize their golf fitness or improve their golf game. Perfect for studios, driving ranges, and shops.

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