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Haverdals Golfklubb to use Kinexit

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

PGA Club Professionals Kristian Söderström Malmborg & Nicholas Blomqvist and the entire team at Haverdals Golfklubb begin a collaboration with Kinexit and the brand’s various solutions in the area of ​​Golf Fitness.

“Kinexit is a fantastic tool for communicating and integrating fitness into the game of golf. With this tool, it will be much easier and more time-efficient to help each individual in the best way and increase the player’s understanding of the great importance of physics to the game of golf. We are sure that our members will develop their golf game even better with our integration of Kinexit into the training business, says Kristian “.

For more information about Haverdals Golfklubb please contact:

Kristian Söderström Malmborg, PGA Club Professional, Haverdals Golfklubb
Email: pro@haverdalsgk.se
Website: www.haverdalsgk.se/

For more information about Kinexit please contact:

Chris Månsson, CEO
Phone: +46 (0) 709 901 699
Email: Chris@kinexit.com
Website: www.kinexit.com


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