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At Kinexit we have a strong connection with the Carolinas PGA Section. We attend their PGA Super Show each year which is a great opportunity for us to talk to teaching and coaching professionals about golf equipment, the golf swing, and golf-specific fitness. Jimmy Hamilton, Director of Instruction at the Golf Academy at Wildwood Green, was one of the members we met with at the show this year

Jimmy’s philosophy begins with the student who brings a unique blend of ability and desire to the teaching/coaching tee. He considers each student’s goals and abilities carefully and then crafts an individual plan of action which considers the players’ physical skills, their goals and desires, and their practice time availability.

For us at Kinexit, Jimmy’s approach is essential for golfers to prosper, improve their game, and play more. Each golf swing is as unique as the body of the person swinging the club. Everyone needs personalized exercises, both in terms of swing technique and fitness.

Jimmy said this after his Certification workshop with Chris Mansson:” The body is a complex creation and the golf swing is a complex thing to execute, especially in an efficient way. I’ve always seen each of my students as an individual with specific needs, goals, and ambitions. Kinexit helps me add value to the lesson experience by providing each student with a personalized, and golf-specific fitness program. Having a student with passion and ambition being held back by movement restrictions and possible pain is frustrating. By integrating golf-specific fitness into my lessons I can help students increase their range of motion and by that they will experience higher swing speed, increased driving distance, and simply enjoy the game more because nothing is holding them back anymore.”

Chris added:” I’m delighted to add another member to the Kinexit family in North Carolina. We’ve spent a lot of time on building relationships and trust in the Carolinas and I couldn’t be happier to have an accomplished PGA Professional like Jimmy onboard. I’m looking forward to adding more clubs and academies to our list of clients in the next few months.”

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