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Do you want Kinexit to host a Golf Fitness webinar for your students?

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The past 20 months have changed how businesses interact with clients and prospects. Traditionally, golf is a sport where coaches meet their students on the driving range or in the studio. Suppliers meet coaches at the same place. The ‘in real life’ meeting is in many ways fundamental for everyone involved in the sport. But Covid-19 forced businesses everywhere to think creatively and develop new ways to reach their clients and prospects.

At Kinexit, we’ve been using webinars to reach PGA coaches and teachers globally for the past 5 years. Webinars are great for reaching a broad audience. When many countries and regions went into lockdown, we were concerned we wouldn’t be able to meet as many PGA Professionals as we wanted to. And we were worried they wouldn’t be able to use our platform with their students. So, we had to be creative.

Player webinars hosted by Kinexit

Webinars have proven an excellent complement for physical meetings with teaching and coaching professionals. The question was, could we use webinars to support our coaches in staying in touch with their golfers? We ran the idea past a couple of our clients and quickly scheduled four player webinars to test the waters.

Niklas Eriksson, Head Pro at A6 Golfklubb, and Henrik Swärd, Head Pro at Carlskrona Golfklubb, provided input and ideas to best manage this. The really cool thing is a webinar allows you to bring together several experts at the same time without having to travel. All we need is a laptop and a decent webcam.

The benefits of golf fitness

The off-season is where many PGA coaches and teachers are helping their students make swing changes, setting them up for a great season. Now is the time to evaluate your students’ technique, equipment, and physical shape. A player’s ability to turn, rotate and generate power is a critical component in this equation, as this determines how well and how consistent they can swing the golf club. That’s why coaches and academies need to add Golf Fitness to their lesson packages in a way that’s easily accessible for both the coach and the player.

What we talk about

Each PGA coach and teacher are different – and the golfers they work with are different. That’s why we tailor each webinar to meet each of our client’s specific needs and wants. But we have a high-level talk track we start from.

· Combining functional and personalized fitness exercises

· The impact of golf fitness on your swing technique

· How to become a better golfer

The webinar is hosted by Chris Mansson, Founder & CEO at Kinexit, and one or more PGA Professionals from the club we work with. This way, the audience gets to hear from familiar faces and learn something new from new sources.

Setting up the webinar

To be a successful PGA coach or teacher, you must be knowledgeable in many areas. Webinars are not necessarily one of them; hence Kinexit takes care of everything from creating marketing emails, setting up registration pages, sending out reminders, and even hosting the webinar itself. All you need to do is send the first email to your contacts. We even send out a follow-up email to all participants with a link to the webinar recording. We’ve got you covered.

Want to learn more about our packages?

We’re keen to speak to you about how Kinexit can help your golfers become even better players during the off-season. Reach out today to book a free consultation

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