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Golf Fitness Warmup for studios and driving ranges

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Warming up before practice and competition is part of the routine for the best female and male tour players. The body must be ready to perform when hitting the first tee-shot. They have a pre-practice and pre-round routine they follow every time they hit the golf course.

It’s not uncommon that amateurs and recreational players use the first couple of holes of their round to warm up. And anyone who has played this beautiful game knows it only takes one bad shot or hole to ruin a round. So help your players and members get off to a better start by offering them a few simple warm-up exercises on their phone.

Most Kinexit Certified Academies and Clubs have one of our warm-up signs. The warm-up sign contains inspirational text and a QR code that a golfer can scan with their smartphone. Kinexit will give them easy and functional warm-up exercises. All they need is a golf club and five minutes of their time to create their warm-up routine.

When players scan your sign, they will automatically be connected to your Coach Dashboard. If they want more than just the warm-up program, they will get a message advising them to contact you to customize their training or improve their golf game. This will help you get more players signed up to Kinexit – and most importantly, help your players enjoy their rounds more. Perfect for a studio, driving range, or shop.

Visit for more information or contact us to order yours today.

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