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Get to know Sofia Ljungqvist

Friday, December 7, 2018

Sofia Ljungqvist

Playing Status:
LET Access Tour



Kinexit user since:
October 2018

How did you get into golf?
I believe I hit my first golf shot when I was around 2 years old. I started in a girls’ group when I was 6 years old. My father has been a teaching professional since I was born so you can say I have grown up on the golf course.

What was your HCP when you turned Pro?
My hcp was +0,7 when I turned pro at the age of 19.

Do you have a favorite golf course?
My favorite course that I have played is Fancourt Outeniqua in South Africa. But my dream course to play at the moment is Sandy Lane – The Green Monkey in Barbados.

Do you follow golf or fitness coaches on social media?
No, I add a little from different coaches on social media. It’s great for tips and ideas on how to do similar exercises in different ways.

Who is your favorite player?
It’s a combination between Henrik Stenson, Rickie Fowler, Francesco Molinari, Justin Rose, Alexander Björk, Rory Mcilroy and a few more. As for female golfers, I look up to Anna Nordqvist and Annika Sorenstam. Every player who wins on tour is amazingly good players.

What golf-related achievement are you most proud of? In the summer of 2017, I practiced less golf and did 11work outs in 2 weeks. I played very well in my next tournament on the Swedish Tour and finished 2nd.

How important is fitness for you when it comes to golf?
As an athlete, fitness and wellbeing are very important to me. Exercise and combined with eating healthily is what makes a difference for me. I prefer doing 5 exercises on the first tee to hitting 5 balls on the range.

How do you think the club golfer can improve?
Everywhere I play, I see too many players rushing to the first tee without warming up or even practicing. Do a few exercises on the first tee and you won’t have to use the first 3-4 holes as your warm up.

What’s your strengths as a player?
I hit the ball very straight. Hopefully, Kinexit will help me increase my swing speed and gain distance in the process.

What’s in your bag?
Other than the 14 clubs, golf balls and the usual stuff, I carry tape for fingers/blisters, nuts & healthy cookies, lip balm, stretch band, a few plastic tees, I’ve had the same pitchfork and ball marker for over 10 years. I prefer to mark my ball with a red ball marker pen.

How often do you play golf yourself?
Almost every day except when traveling or during the offseason. I tend to focus more on my fitness mindset during the offseason, but I hit balls outside a few times a week if the weather isn’t below zero and I practice indoors without the ball to improve my technique.

How often do you work-out yourself?
During the summer: 1-3 times per week and during winter: 3-5 times per week.

What impact has working with Kinexit had for you?
My body feels so much better and stronger. Normally when I travel, I get stiff after sitting on the plane but since I started with Kinexit I actually don’t feel bad at all after traveling so I’m super happy about that. I feel working on rotation during my backswing and follow through has become easier.

What is your favorite Kinexit feature?
The mix of different exercises, Kinexit picks the exercises, all I have to do is follow the instructions and select the duration of my work out. Everyone has 15 minutes to spare 3 times per week.

How can golfers get in touch with you?
Through my Instagram account @sofialjungqvist

How can Kinexit improve?
I sometimes do the exercises with bare feet as I feel it’s a good stretch for the toes. Is it possible to make the avatar spin so you can view the exercises in 360 degrees? For the mobility exercises, add an option to put together my own program (6 different ones) by displaying all exercises and mark the ones I prefer (for example the ones that hurt most)! I understand those are the ones I need to improve the most.

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