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Eventyr Golfakademi to use Kinexit

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

PGA Club Professional Martin Holm Larsson at Odense Eventyr Golf begin a partnership with Kinexit and the brand’s various solutions in the area of ​​Golf Fitness.

“The decision to select and include Kinexit in our total range of training now means that we can offer Golf Fitness to our students in a professional and simple way. This fact made our decision easy. We look forward to our partnership with Kinexit ”- says Martin Holm Larsson.

For more information about Odense Eventyr Golf please contact:

Martin Holm Larsson, PGA Club Professional, Odense Eventyr Golf
Website: https://www.eventyrgolf.dk/dk/eventyr-golfakademi-248/

For more information about Kinexit please contact:

Chris Månsson, CEO
Phone: +46 (0) 709 901 699
Email: Chris@kinexit.com
Website: www.kinexit.com

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