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Dustin Johnson School of Golf is adding golf fitness to their lessons

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

We’re honored to welcome Allen Terrell, PGA, and the coaching team at the Dustin Johnson School of Golf as a Kinexit partner. Based in Myrtle Beach, SC, the team has three full-time instructors, including three-time World Long Drive Champion Sean Fister. We’re excited to be working with this highly accomplished team and add value to their teaching and coaching programs.

Golf teaching and coaching are going through a period of change. Players’ quest for distance, and their desire to improve, has never been greater. The golf swing is a complex move to perform involving most of a player’s muscles and joints. At Kinexit, we believe there are three key components in becoming a successful golfer, regardless of your playing level.

• Swing technique
• Equipment
• Fitness

Kinexit offers a fitness platform for teaching and coaching professionals to add personalized and golf-specific fitness to their lessons. An easy-to-perform mobility screening is the foundation of each player’s fitness program. When players start working on their mobility, strength, and stability, their range of motion and ability to swing the club faster improves.

Allen Terrell said this about the partnership with Kinexit:

I’ve been working with Tour players for many years. Fitness is a natural part of their training program to improve their golf game and prevent injuries. All golfers will benefit from a golf-specific fitness program, even if they don’t play golf for a living.

My experience has shown me, there is no perfect model or one-size-fits-all approach that will create good or even great golfers. The importance is having proper function rather than just proper form. Through appropriate physical screening, individualized workout plans, cutting-edge training techniques, and efficient practice programs, every client will have a road map to a lifetime of game improvement.

I’ve been looking for a platform where I can set up my players and quickly hand over a fitness program to them without spending hours and hours on admin and follow-up. With Kinexit, I’ve got that, and I’m excited to see the development our students will go through this year.

Rick Murphy, PGA and Kinexit Ambassador, chimed in:

I’ve been working with Kinexit for about 3 years now and have seen the impact on my students firsthand. I’ve also helped teaching and coaching professionals, like Allen Terrell, here in the Carolinas get up and running with Kinexit. It is irrefutable that a player’s fitness holds the keys to unlocking their full potential.

Kinexit CEO Chris Mansson added:

It makes me happy and proud to see our growth in the Carolinas. We made a decision to work closely with the Carolinas PGA Section 3 years ago. The partnership has helped us get in front of top teachers and coaches in the Section, and it’s fun working with both the Section and its members. We’ll be announcing more new Kinexit Certified Clubs and Academies over the coming weeks.

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