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Check out this must-do for a better golf game!

Monday, December 5, 2022

Looking for the secret ingredient to a successful golf game? Or what are the top players doing to play at their best? We’ve got the answer!

It is Golf Fitness. This is something tour players do daily, during on and off-season. Why? Because they must possess a high level of power, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Golf fitness offers exercises and drills to build and maintain these core attributes.  

Here are a few things golf fitness can do for you:

#1 Prevent injuries

You start thinking about injury prevention only once you’ve gotten an injury. Seeing your progress stagnate due to soreness or pain can be very unfortunate. Since golf involves highly repetitive movements, stress is put on the same muscles every time. Therefore, having a training program tailored to your needs is extremely important since it can reduce the likelihood of injuries in these specific parts and strengthen the muscles.  

#2 More attainable results 

Even the best coach in the world cannot help you achieve your goals if your physical abilities are limited. You need to start working on your body and its overall mobility before you seek improvements on the course. But why not do both? Combine lessons and golf fitness for more effective and quality progress!  

#3 Better health and lifestyle

Do you find it hard to establish a routine or stick to an exercise program just because you haven’t discovered the right one for yourself? Well, with Kinexit, you can not only focus on performance improvement thanks to the personalized program you get, but also feel a positive effect on your everyday life! It’s a satisfying feeling to complete a fast and easy workout each day and have a more flexible, stable, and stronger body.  


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