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Welcome to Kinexit – The Fitness Platform for Golfers

Our personalized golf fitness platform is everything you need to successfully improve your mobility, stability, and strength to create your most efficient golf swing.

Personalized Golf Fitness from Kinexit

The importance of golf-fitness is real. For the top players on both the LPGA Tour and the PGA Tour, fitness is a crucial component of their practice regime. They work out to gain distance and prevent injury, and to gain a competitive advantage.

But most golfers are frustrated because they don’t know what exercises to do or where to start. That’s where Kinexit will help you. Our platform will give you exercises based on an assessment of your mobility.

Train Like The Pros

Imagine how good it is to have total confidence knowing exactly what is beneficial for your body and your golf swing. Imagine if you could start seeing real improvements in your consistency and gain distance.

That’s what we do every day for our golfers. We help you with the same training programs and methodologies professional athletes worldwide use.

Suitable For All Players

Kinexit is a proven and practical golf-fitness platform that shows you exactly what to do at every stage of your training. You can access your programs online at your own pace and make them part of your everyday routines.

No matter where you’re at in your golf and fitness journey, you can benefit from using Kinexit and learn how to train for golf in the most effective way possible.

With Kinexit, you’ll know how to:

  • Warm-up before rounds
  • Get better results with less effort
  • Add distance and consistency to your shots
  • Play the kind of golf you’ve always wanted to play

Kinexit Users on Average Increase


  • “Finally, a real individualized golf-specific training program based on me. I love the ability to choose what kind of workout I want and how long I want it to last. I have gained 5mph on my swing speed, 7 yards, carry distance, and feel great too!”
  • “Before using the Kinexit golf program… I would have never considered playing golf with my husband. In 4 short months, I’ve gone from a 30 handicap to an 18 handicap. Now, we both look forward to playing together.”
  • “After working out with Kinexit for three months, I increased my club speed by 3.4% resulting in a gain of 35.2 yards in driving distance. Can’t thank Kinexit enough!”

Meet Your Coach

Chris Mansson, Golf-Fitness Professional, Co-Founder and Coach

Chris has a wealth of experience in the golf fitness industry, having spent the past ten years helping golfers unlock their athletic potential, learn how to use their bodies correctly, and reduce injuries.

Designed by experts in human biomechanics and golf, Kinexit is built to help every golfer unlock their true athletic potential so they can shoot lower scores and play the game we love for years to come.

How It Works


The foundation of the platform is our 10-minute mobility screening where we will identify limitations and restrictions and evaluate your fitness profile. Just like a launch monitor provides feedback on club and ball speed.

You’ll get immediate access to personalized plans that are simple and easy to follow. Inside your profile, you will find everything you need from your personalized workouts, training logs and more.



Choose Your Membership

    *Billed Annually
    $24.99 Per Month
    • 20% off
    • Personalized Golf-Fitness Programs
    • 5 Different Training Themes
    • Simple Video Instructions
    $29.95 Per Month
    • 10% off
    • Personalized Golf-Fitness Programs
    • 5 Different Training Themes
    • Simple Video Instructions

Our Guarantee

Our members make a commitment to train with us – and we make a commitment to help them become more mobile, stronger and healthier golfers. Try Kinexit 14 days. If you’re not happy with your experience and the progress you make, we’ll give you every penny back. We’re confident in what we do and stand by our ability to transform golfers.

Kinexit is for any golfer looking to improve their golf game. The programming is designed to deliver year-round results. No matter what your experience in the gym, we have a plan that will guarantee you results.

The program has five different components:

  • Golf warm-up
  • Mobility
  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Endurance

Improving your golf fitness will give you bigger range of motion enabling you to increase your swing speed and gain distance. And you’ll feel better too.

As a minimum, we recommend working out fifteen minutes three times per week. Thirty minutes would be even better