Highlights from our webinar series - Kinexit

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Highlights from our webinar series

Sunday, December 15, 2019

We recently held several webinars with large numbers of PGA Professionals in attendance. In this piece, we list the key take-aways for those of you who missed it.

At Kinexit, we talk about three key components for a successful golfer. Swing technique, equipment and golf-fitness. It is important to focus on all three components if a golfer wants to reach their full potential. You can be super fit but with the wrong clubs and shafts you won’t improve. Similarly, a golfer can take lesson after lesson without improving – in 90% of cases, this is due to lack mobility and golf-golf-fitness in general.

We’ve all had students who have been unable to move due to restrictions and pain. Some even feel they are on fire. Being unable to rotate, feeling stiff and having pain is preventing many golfers from improving and some even quit the game altogether.

Chris Mansson, Kinexit CEO, talks about four areas that makes for a highly engaging and successful golf lesson.

  1. Make it personal
  2. Make it effective
  3. Make it measurable
  4. Make it a package worth buying

These four areas are all connected. No golfers are created equally. Make everything from swing drills to golf-fitness exercises personal to see improvement. Players don’t need to stand on the range for hours on end to improve – or spend hours and hours in the gym to get stronger. Make the training effective by choosing the right exercises for each player. Data is a key component when developing golfers today. Most players are keeping track of their scores, and more and more are using devices such as Trackman and FlightScope to measure swing speed, attack angle and distance. We need to do the same with golf-fitness to make sure we are doing the right things for our players to improve. Kinexit does just that. Our short and efficient mobility assessment gives the coach and the player the facts about the golf-fitness levels. Kinexit will then create a personalized and golf-specific training program based each player’s results.

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